Heading to the malls for some great kebaps

Heading to the malls for some great kebaps

March 21, 2011, Monday/ 15:26:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN

Most people tend to not think of shopping centers as the best place to eat great meals. Truth be told, this has always been my perception, too -- at least until the Bursa Kebap Evi restaurant opened up in the Ataköy A Plus mall.

It’s a very chic and functional spot, and the tastes here are absolutely delicious. No doubt this is at least partially due to the fact that the ingredients at Bursa Kebap Evi are brought in especially from Bursa. You, too, will love the Bursa kebap served up here. Also known as İskender kebap, the butter, meat and special sauce ingredients all come from Bursa, and as for the taste, it was the best we’ve eaten in a long time. From this kebap’s pide to its yogurt, there was nothing to complain about, and everything to love. You should follow up the tastes left behind by meat that comes from cows fed on natural thyme and grasses with this restaurant’s Kemalpaşa dessert, made with tahini. And the künefe brought in especially from Hatay is also memorable.

Bursa Kebap Evi, established seven years ago by Cem and Caner Helvacı, now serves food to hungry customers at shopping centers such as Galleria, Carousel, Flyinn, Perlavista and Ataköy A Plus. This great restaurant should not be limited to just five outlets but should start strengthening its presence at malls in general to counter all the fast food out there. In fact, using the franchising system, outlets of Bursa Kebap Evi are set to open in a number of malls in addition to the ones it is already at, and CEO Cem Helvacı notes the cities of Adana, Osmaniye, İnegöl and Akçay are all about to host their own Bursa Kebap Evi branches.

“We obtain all of our ingredients from Bursa. We serve our customers without destroying the regional tastes they are looking for and by preserving the essence of those tastes. The fact that we are present in shopping malls does not mean we have to make any concessions when it comes to taste. From next year onwards, our company will be bringing its flavors to other countries, among them northern Cyprus, Russia, Uzbekistan and Germany,” he says.

And so the Bursa Kebap Evi, which also offers hot dishes such as köfte with pide and lots of chicken and döner combinations as well as a great salad bar with many choices, is one of the best alternatives hungry shoppers in malls might find. In fact, this restaurant presents a reason unto itself to head out to the malls these days.

Bursa tastes at five different malls

  • Since the Bursa Kebap Evi brings in all its ingredients from Bursa, it loses nothing from the regional tastes it serves its customers. Its only real handicap is that it can’t cook some of its dishes on coal, as should be done for true authenticity.
  • This spot’s Bursa kebap is very filling. One serving contains 90 grams of meat, while one-and-a-half serving contains 130 grams of meat. What’s more, the price difference between these two choices is only TL 1.
  • With an 11-person staff, service here is fast and orderly, and customers should expect a calm and very pleasurable dining experience as such.
  • Bursa Kebap Evi opens at 10 a.m. and stays open until 10 p.m. Turkish coffee and tea are on the house.
  • Real grape juice here is a treat. This is a drink that really complements the Bursa Kebap, so be sure to try it.
  • Though the restaurant is located in a shopping mall, a balcony attached to the dining area gives shoppers a different place in which to sit and relax.

The tastes are legendary, the prices extraordinary

Ezogelin soup: TL 4.25

Bursa kebap (1 serving): TL 12.90

Bursa kebap (1.5 servings):

TL 13.90

Bursa kebap (double):

TL 15.90

Döner (one serving): TL 11.50

Tombik döner: TL 5.90

Dürüm döner: TL 6.90

Köfte with pide: TL 11.90

Chicken served with creamed

eggplant sauce: TL 10.90

Grape juice: TL 3.25

Children’s menu (tombik döner,

French fries, a drink and a toy):

TL 8.90

Künefe: TL 5.90

Kemalpaşa: TL 4.50

Head not to Bursa but to the Ataköy A Plus mall!

Bursa Kebap Evi

Adnan Kahveci Bulvarı, Ataköy 6. Kısım Ataköy A Plus AVM 3. Kat Ataköy-İstanbul

Tel: 0212 559 00 81