Clay pots not for serving water, but kebabs

Clay pots not for serving water, but kebabs

April 02, 2007, Monday/ 20:55:00/ H.SALİH ZENGİN

Humans will do lots of things in the name of taste, they’ll even cook kebab in the clay pitcher they drink water from. And so we did. “Testi,” or clay pot, kebab is cooked in a number of Turkish provinces.

All the regions’ kebabs differ in taste, ingredients and the way they are cooked. Named after the dish, the restaurant ‘Testi Et ve Kebap Evi’ has served this delicious kebab to İstanbulites for over a decade. The restaurant, which serves southeastern Anatolian cuisine in a unique way, is an impressive and immaculate setting with an ISO quality certificate. The mostly woodwork structure adds a pleasant ambience to the restaurant.
The 300-person capacity restaurant is divided into two halls. The first hall with its giant hearth can host 70 people, while the other hall facing the garden can hold up to 250 people and is brighter. Moreover, in summer, the garden has room for another 250 people to dine outdoors. Owner Burhan Kaynak said their concept was to offer good service to their customers by making them feel at home, adding that they’ve followed this policy at every stage from decoration to services to production. “Our customers are from elite and gourmet walks, and at the same time families and businessmen also prefer us. In addition we have a significant number of foreign customers,” Kaynak said.
We also want to highlight to what extent the restaurant emphasizes cleanliness; the preparation of meals is exceptional. We particularly recommend the restaurant’s specialty, “testizade” kebab, whose name and preparation method is registered. The restaurant cooks this kebab in a special way. Eggplant, tomato and pepper are grilled and placed on the bottom of the clay pot after being mixed with crushed garlic. What is put over these vegetables? Minced lamb, roasted escalope of veal and grilled chicken are placed on top. Just thinking of the ingredients alone makes one’s mouth water. And think about how delicious it would become after this mixture is cooked on coal fire and grated cheese, browned butter and pistachios added.
On Sundays the restaurant also serves brunches with three kinds of pastry as well omelets and toasted sandwiches. Over 100 different hot and cold dishes are served during brunch. The open buffet brunch, which is available from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., is YTL 27.50 for adults and YTL 17.50 for children aged between 5 and 12.
Testi Et ve Kebap Evi can be reserved for special celebrations and meetings. Women can conveniently organize large breakfasts and afternoon meetings here. The restaurant, which has a 70-space car park and prayer room, is open daily from 8:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Chef Muammer Usta and eight other cooks have prepared very delicious meals with the assistance of the seven other kitchen staff. The total number of staff working at Testi is 41 and all of them strive to enhance your experience. The restaurant also has a minibus, a jeep and five motorcycles for home delivery. that covers the entire Üsküdar district.


Soup: YTL 4
İçli köfte (stuffed meatballs): YTL 3.75
Patlıcan dolma (eggplant stuffed with rice): YTL 3
Salads: YTL 4.25
Olive oil-cooked dishes: YTL 4
Spicy kebab: YTL 12.5
Normal kebab: YTL 12.5
Testi iskender: YTL 12.5
Testizade: YTL 19
Dana antrikot (roast escalope of veal): YTL 18
Mixed chicken: YTL 17.5
Künefe (shredded sweet pastry with cheese): YTL 5
Kaymaklı incir tatlısı (cream-filled dried figs): YTL 5
Fahrettin Kerim Gökay Caddesi No. 6 Altunizade-Üsküdar İstanbul
Tel: (216) 474 46 60