Appetizers from Anatolia

April 09, 2007, Monday/ 20:28:00
Sometimes you may simply want a lighter dinner not made up of a main course but rather a mixture of a few appetizers. And sometimes when unexpected company shows up, you wish you had a dish that is ready to be served or something you can quickly whip up, allowing you to spend time with your guests. Your best option in cases like this to prepare a dish that is served cold and easy to make. Today let me present you with some practical dishes you can proudly serve with the help of some fresh bread.
Three tablespoons of wheat (buğday)
Three tablespoons of chickpeas
Three tablespoons of haricot beans
Three tablespoons of black-eyed peas
Three tablespoons of corn
Three tablespoons of fava beans
A cup of mixed crushed walnuts, almonds, peanuts and hazelnuts
Two teaspoons of sesame seeds
Two teaspoons of poppy seeds
A dash of chili powder
A teaspoon of lemon juice
Five teaspoons of olive oil
The wheat, chickpeas, haricot beans, fava beans and corn are soaked in a pot of cold water overnight. The next day, these ingredients are boiled in a water-olive oil mixture in the same pot. Once the ingredients have softened and become porridge-like, they are poured into a serving dish. While hot, dried figs, poppy seeds and sesame seeds are spread over the top of the dish. After the dish absorbs up all the excess water, it is ready to be served.
Eight onions
One spoon of chili powder
A spoon of tomato paste
A cup of bulgur
A cup of hot water
Four spoons of olive oil
One tomato
Two green peppers (sweet)
Half a bunch of parsley
A spoon of sour plum sauce
Peel the onions, cutting them into small cubes. After heating the olive oil, fry the onions. Once the onions turn golden in color, add the bulgur, mixing all the ingredients in the pot for a few minutes. Add the salt and hot water. Wait until the bulgur absorbs all of the water, stirring with a wooden spoon, and then reduce the heat.
Add the tomatoes and peppers after cutting into small cubes along with minced parsley into the bulgur-onion mix. Add the sour plum sauce to the pot and mix again. Before serving garnish each plate with olive oil.