Young Syrian opposition holds meeting in Turkey

March 15, 2012, Thursday/ 16:05:00/ İSMAİL AVCI

Syria's young Kurds, Arabs and Arameans in support of Syria's opposition groups have recently joined forces to form the Syrian Youth Solidarity Committee against the regime of President Bashar al-Assad and on Wednesday held their first meeting outside of Syria, in the Kızıltepe district of Turkey's Mardin province.

The committee had been invited to meet in Turkey by young members of Syrian opposition parties who have settled in the southern areas of Nusaybin and Kızıltepe.

Among the subjects discussed at the meeting was the group's discomfort with the growing presence of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) on the streets of Kurdish neighborhoods in Syria, where they have been controlling roads and checking the identity cards of Kurds.

The committee said they were aware that Assad wants the PKK to settle in Syria to cause friction amongst Kurdish communities and spoke of the increasing tension between the Democratic Union Party (PYD), the political offshoot of the PKK in Syria, and other Kurdish and opposition parties.

Yet despite this, committee member Abdusselsam Osman has said that despite the fact that when the PKK first made its presence felt in Syria, there was a lot of tension, the situation seems to be getting better. “In the past week, we have noticed a certain calm; we have hope that Kurds will not start killing each other. Hopefully, the enemy will not trick us and drag us into their dirty politics,” he said.

Osman said that members of young opposition groups had decided to join forces recently in the hope of more effective action. “The committee has members in 12 Syrian towns, and our united aim is to do anything we can to reach peace in Syria. We do not accept this filthy regime because it is full of wrongdoing and robs us of our most basic rights,” he said.

Evdale Hostani, another young member of the committee, said that together the group hopes to contribute to building a new, more democratic and freer Syria.

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