Turkish ship evacuates over 1,000 Egyptians from Libya

March 21, 2011, Monday/ 16:52:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN

A Turkish ship evacuated 1,150 Egyptian citizens from Libya and arrived at the Egyptian port city of Alexandria on Sunday morning. This is the second evacuation operation by Turkey as a total of 1,156 Egyptian nationals were evacuated from Libya and brought to their home country by Turkish ships earlier this month.

During the travel from Libya to Egypt, the Samsun ferry was accompanied by the frigate TCG Gelibolu of the Turkish Naval Forces for security reasons, the Anatolia news agency said in its report posted from Alexandria. Egyptians who welcomed the Samsun ferry at the port cheered for Turkey. Turkey’s consul general in Alexandria, Semih Lütfi Turgut; the second counselor at the Turkish Embassy in Cairo, Ali Rıza Akıncı; and the head of the Yunus Emre Cultural Center in Giza, Süleyman Sezer, were also at the port to welcome the ferry.

Turkey’s Consulate General in Alexandria and the Yunus Emre Cultural Center provided aid material to those Egyptian citizens who were evacuated from Libya, while the Turkey-Egypt Friendship and Culture Association distributed supplies to the same people, Anatolia said.

Recalling that the Samsun ferry had evacuated Egyptians from Libya for the second time, Consul General Turgut told Anatolia that Turkey carried out this international evacuation operation successfully.Turgut also noted that three of those people who were evacuated from Libya were ill and that the situation of one of the patients was serious.

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