Turkey launches efforts to drill well in Somalia

Turkey launches efforts to drill well in Somalia

Turkey started to drill a well in the drought stricken Somalia. The well will is expected to serve people within a week. (Photo: AA)

December 28, 2011, Wednesday/ 15:12:00

Turkey's State Waterworks Authority (DSI) began the drilling of a well in Somalia on Wednesday.

The seven-member DSI team, headed by geologist Musa Yilmaz, started to drill a well near a Turkish Red Crescent tent site in the Somali capital of Mogadishu. DSI experts said they would drill up to 100 meters below the surface to reach potable water, adding that they expect to complete the project within a week.

The drilling will kick off a broader DSI plan to expand the availability of drinking water in Somalia, a move that comes at a time when Somalia is experiencing one of the worst droughts East Africa has seen in the past 60 years.

The epicenter of the drought lies on the three-way border shared by Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia, a nomadic region where families heavily depend on the health of their livestock. Tens of thousands of people have so far been displaced as a result of the drought.

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