More Turkish correspondents injured in ongoing clashes in Syria

July 31, 2012, Tuesday/ 16:32:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN

The number of Turkish correspondents wounded in an ongoing government crackdown on the uprising in Syria has increased.

Sinan Gül, a correspondent for the Turkish state-run Anatolia news agency, was shot in the leg in Aleppo, where fierce clashes between opposition fighters and government forces have escalated in recent days.

Gül was taken to Dar al-Shifa Hospital in Aleppo by opposition fighters, who then later helped him cross the border into Turkey's Kilis province. Turkish ambulances on the border brought Gül to Kilis State Hospital, where doctors say he is in stable condition.

Samet Doğan and Kenan Yeşilyurt, two other Anatolia correspondents, were wounded in clashes between groups fighting the regime of President Bashar al-Assad and Assad's soldiers. On Tuesday, they managed to escape the violence and make it to a safer area.

Al Jazeera correspondent Ömer Haşram was wounded by a bomb explosion in Syria. He was first taken to the emergency room of Gaziantep Özel Sani Konukoğlu Hospital and then transferred to the intensive care unit in the same hospital. Doctors reported him to be in stable condition.

“The clashes were ongoing. We were recording them. A bomb exploded in an apartment three meters away from us. We continued recording … and then a second bomb exploded. When we got in our car, a third one exploded behind the car. Ömer said he was wounded,” said Al Jazeera cameraman Hakan Baygıner, who was with Haşram at the time he was wounded.

Baygıner added: “There are always clashes and explosions. We have never seen Assad's soldiers. We were always with opponents of Assad's regime. In every neighborhood, there is at least one group of opponents. The situation is difficult for all of the people. People wait many hours to buy bread. Living in Syria was tough for us as well.”

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