Libyans ask Turkey for help on education

December 07, 2011, Wednesday/ 16:15:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN

Libyan Minister of Education Suleiman Sahili has stated that the Libyan government needs the support of Turkey in education as well as in many other social and economic areas in order to establish a well-functioning regime after the end of Gaddafi's long rule.

Sahili told the Anatolia news agency that new Libyan government will give particular importance to education, which he says was purposely neglected by the 42-year Gaddafi regime. “Gaddafi aimed to maintain his autocratic, backwards regime by keeping people ignorant. He was afraid of intelligent, well-educated people,” he stated.

Sahili also claims that history textbooks were largely manipulated by the Gaddafi regime in order to promote Gaddafi as a political figure. He added that there are also some lessons in their history books that show hostility to the Ottoman Empire and Turkey, claiming that these teachings led to hatred of Turkey among Libyans.

Emphasizing that Turkey's support is essential for the modernization of their textbooks, which should be free of any ideologies, Sahili also announced that the Libyan government has asked for aid from Turkey in terms of teachers' education and supplies and equipment for use in classrooms.

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