Grossman: US wants best possible relationship between Turkey and Israel

Grossman: US wants best possible relationship between Turkey and Israel

Marc Grossman, the special US envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan speaks during a joint press conference with Afghanistan's Deputy Foreign Minister Jawed Ludin, unseen, in Kabul on Jan. 22, 2012. (Photo: AP)

April 24, 2012, Tuesday/ 17:26:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN WITH WIRES

US Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan Marc Grossman said on Monday that the United States wanted the best possible relationship between Turkey and Israel.

Speaking to the Anatolia news agency, Grossman, who is visiting Ankara ahead of the NATO Summit in Chicago, in which important decisions are expected to be made on Afghanistan, said he would exchange views with Turkish officials regarding Afghanistan.

Grossman said he would like to thank Turkish authorities for their contributions to Afghanistan, stating that he came to Ankara to discuss Afghanistan's present situation and its future.

Turkey and the US have been pursuing the same policy on Afghanistan, he said, adding that they hoped it will continue after 2014, when NATO plans to withdraw its forces from Afghanistan. Grossman said the two countries will keep playing important roles for security and stability in Afghanistan.

When he was told that the Turkish public started to question Turkey's presence in Afghanistan after a helicopter crash in Afghanistan that killed 12 Turkish soldiers, Grossman said this situation was valid not only for Turkey but also for all NATO members, stating that Afghans, Americans, Turks and other nationals have made sacrifices in the past decade.

Grossman said that as part of an agreement reached in Bonn, Turkey and the US will continue to contribute to the transition process in Afghanistan after 2014.

When reminded of news reports that Turkey had vetoed Israel's participation in the NATO Summit in Chicago, Grossman said they wanted the best possible relationship between the two countries, and that this is in the interests of Turkey, Israel and the United States.

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