Diyarbakır to host NATO’s radar

Diyarbakır to host NATO’s radar

September 04, 2011, Sunday/ 23:55:00/ AZİZ İSTEGÜN

An early warning radar system that Turkey recently agreed to host in order to bolster NATO defenses against missiles is to be established in the southeastern province of Diyarbakır.

The defensive warning system primarily developed to protect the NATO countries from nuclear missiles from outside Europe is projected to be established in the radar facilities of the Second Tactical Air Command, near Pirinçlik village close to Diyarbakır province, which was previously used by the US until it was put out of use in October 1998. The radar system in Pirinçlik was used at the time under an umbrella of NATO to monitor border zones in Syria, Iran and Iraq. A similar system was also found in Mardin.

Feasibility studies were reportedly being conducted on both facilities for them to be reactivated and Patriot missiles are projected to be implemented in the command base. Patriot missile shields were set up in Diyarbakır at the time of the Gulf War when the US intervened in Iraq, but the missiles were taken back to the US after the war.

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