Children of refugees continue their education in Turkish camps

March 23, 2012, Friday/ 17:41:00

Children of Syrian refugees who escaped from Bashar al-Assad's year-long brutal military crackdown on dissidents are continuing their education in refugee camps in the southern province of Hatay.

As the year-long political impasse turned to large-scale armed clashes between Syrian security forces and opposition forces, especially the fragmented Free Syrian Army (FSA), people in the northwestern part of the country –a natural bastion for rebels -- didn't have many options but to leave the restive country for the safety and future of their children.

Turkey was one of the countries people headed to. As the number of the refugees exceeded 17,000 in Turkey, the problem on how to provide education to children of the refugees became a fundamental question in the face of a lack of enough teachers who know Arabic.

To address this need, a group of volunteers who also fled to Turkey with Syrian refugees took on the responsibility with the support of local residents and opened a small school in a Hatay camp.

The group, which consisted of engineers, doctor and teachers and college students who are Syrian nationals, are now dealing with a difficult situation, teaching children who are trying to cope with traumatic effects of the events they witnessed in Syria.

Most of the students have seen scenes of violence and even torture in Syria. In most cases, the victims were their neighbors, their relatives or even their fathers and brothers. They hope to return their country after the end of the crises.

To address the education needs of Syrian refugees, the Turkish government is seeking to employ teachers who know Arabic to teach child refugees in the southern province of Kilis.

Those who know Arabic and wants to work in the camp will have to apply to the Kilis Provincial Education Directorate before March 30. They are expected to have a four-year college degree.

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