Ben Achour urges Turkey’s assistance in Tunisia’s elections

March 07, 2011, Monday/ 17:48:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN

Yadh Ben Achour, a prominent legal expert on constitutional law, has stated that Tunisia is experiencing many difficulties while trying to get ready for the upcoming July 24 elections for a new national assembly and expressed willingness to have Turkey’s assistance.

“We are open to Turkey’s support for our election operation. We need at least 15,000 election officers. We don’t have sufficient trainers or the time to train these people,” Ben Achour told Today’s Zaman. Late last month, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu visited Tunisia in his capacity as the rotating chairman of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe (CoE) and said Turkey is holding consultations with all groups in the country and that Turkey always stresses the will of the Tunisian people. Davutoğlu visited Tunisia with CoE Secretary-General Thorbjorn Jagland to help Tunisia make a smooth and peaceful transition to democratic rule, saying Tunisia’s peaceful transformation is important because it could set an example for other countries in the region.

“While drafting the new constitution, we have taken the constitutions of Spain and Portugal as a basis to a large extent. We have also taken the criteria of the CoE -- the Committee of Ministers, which is currently chaired by Turkey -- into consideration. The constitution will take its final shape after being debated by the constitutive parliament that will be elected on July 24. It will be a constitution that complies with European standards,” Ben Achour said.

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