BDP accuses Turkey of organizing clashes in Ras al-Ain

December 17, 2012, Monday/ 17:23:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN

Pro-Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) Co-chairperson Gülten Kışanak has stated that Turkey is aiming to generate conflict between Kurds and Arabs in the Ras al-Ain region of Syria's al-Hasakah province, accusing Turkey of inciting provocation in the region.

Kışanak said her claim on the conflicts in Ras al-Ain, just a few hundred meters away from Ceylanpınar, where residents can hear the sounds of mortar fire and intense shooting across the border, was based on statements from residents living in Ceylanpınar as well as Syrians fleeing from their war-torn country, adding that the clashes in Ras al-Ain had been plotted by Turkey.

“We are openly accusing Turkey. We have all the evidence, information and witnesses for this claim. We met with the people in Ceylanpınar on Saturday. Obviously, Turkey is organizing a gang, providing them with arms and helping them to cross the border in order to create a conflict situation,” Kışanak said late on Sunday.

“We spoke with Arab families fleeing from Ras al-Ain. They said Arabs have never had problems with Kurds so far. But the armed militants coming from the outside have sparked conflicts,” said Kışanak.

Kışanak also added that there is a policy to incite an Arab-Kurdish conflict in Syria, adding that the BDP finds this very dangerous. “This is a policy which aims to create clashes between people. There is no problem between Kurds and Arabs in Ceylanpınar. If there is a problem, the [Justice and Development Party] AK Party will be responsible for this,” said Kışanak.

Kışanak stated that Syrians were in search of freedom, adding that if Syria is to establish a democratic regime, Kurds would be the biggest building block.

Kışanak maintained that without meeting the demands of the Kurdish people in Syria, a democratic Syria cannot be built.

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