Bağış: Roj TV casts shadow over relations with Denmark

Bağış: Roj TV casts shadow over relations with Denmark

Egemen Bağış

August 24, 2011, Wednesday/ 17:45:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN

Turkey’s European Union Affairs Minister Egemen Bağış on Wednesday reiterated his country’s uneasiness with the Kurdish language Roj TV station that has a Danish broadcasting license and that Ankara says is a mouthpiece for the terrorist Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

“Nowadays, unfortunately, Roj TV casts a shadow over Turkish-Danish relations,” Bağış was quoted as saying by the Anatolia news agency as he hosted outgoing Danish Ambassador to Turkey Ole Egberg Mikkelsen. Recalling that Turkey and Denmark are also NATO allies, Bağış added: “It is saddening for us that an ally of ours is still allowing Roj TV to broadcast. When I hosted Mr. Ambassador at the time he began his term in office here, we talked about this issue again. It of course causes sorrow that we are still talking about the same issue when he comes here for a farewell visit.” After countless complaints and petitions from the Turkish government over a number of years, in August 2010 Denmark’s public prosecutor opened a court case against Roj TV, charging it with helping to promote the PKK. Earlier this month, a Copenhagen court began trying executives of the television station, with prosecutors charging them with promoting activities of the group.

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