Arınç: Cost of sheltering Syrian refugees in Turkey TL 170 million

May 03, 2012, Thursday/ 18:37:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN

Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister and State Minister Bülent Arınç has assessed the recent developments in Syria, pointing out that offering shelter to some 25,000 Syrian refugees that have fled to Turkey across Turkish-Syrian borders has cost Turkey TL 170 million ($96 million).

The government has said the international community should be aware of the plight of Syrians who had to leave their homes and take refuge in Turkey, but has not called for international assistance to help provide them shelter.

Arınç, speaking in a televised interview on Thursday, lamented the fact the Syrian regime has failed to listen to calls from Turkey to reform and meet the Syrian people’s demands for more rights, which has led to escalating human rights violations across Syria.

“Our perspective on Syria is a humanitarian one. The [Turkish] opposition that is criticizing us has never said anything related to the ongoing crisis in Syria; they never voiced out their objections against the deadly developments in Syria; they never said they are against the atrocities in Syria. This is what agonizes me,” said Arınç.

“Leave other countries aside; after seeing how our politicians are not saying anything about these atrocities -- not uttering even a single word of objection to the human rights violations in Syria -- people need to applaud our government’s attitude, as this is what suits the Turkish nation,” Arınç said.

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