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December 16, 2012, Sunday

By denying Ergenekon, media becomes irrelevant

The reason the Silivri prison complex has been transformed into a theater stage is obvious: oppressing the court and blackmailing the judiciary. The critics of the Ergenekon investigation and fringe groups want to say, "If the suspects are sentenced in this case, things will get out of control and there will be a chaotic environment."

We should ask them how correct it is to resort to violence, to try to intimidate the judges and prosecutors and attack the gendarmes deployed around the prison complex for security reasons etc. while sending this message. If the judiciary is intimidated with these kinds of tactics, it would be unfair to expect the courts to conclude cases.

Why have those who have been raising hell about the lengthy trial period gone crazy, seeing that the trial process has entered the final stage? In fact, those who closely follow the case know that since the beginning, a great deal of effort has been made to discredit the judges and prosecutors and sabotage the case. Ergenekon supporters even utter threats of "Things will be reversed," at the judges and prosecutors on the case. Now, the trial process has entered a new stage and the threats uttered individually have gained a collective aspect.

Irrational reactions such as organizing a rally at the courthouse with the participation of thousands of people and starting a skirmish with the gendarmerie is neither legally nor morally correct. However, those who want to create that scene in Silivri have their own reasons and even the Republican People's Party (CHP) which has a deep- rooted historical past was dragged in the wake of the Ergenekon supporters.

The main hard-to-grasp issue is the attitude of the media. It is not hard to understand that these protests are the last efforts of a terrorist organization that is accused of staging a coup, having weapons and ammunition. But why does the media, whose primary responsibility is writing news stories, fiercely defend the Ergenekon suspects?

The weapons, action plans and coup plans that were discovered during the Ergenekon case are out in the open. How can the members of a profession whose basic philosophy is defending freedoms and democracy defend suspects who were charged with plotting a coup against the elected government, committing unsolved politically motivated murders etc.?

If we did not live in country that has suffered from military interventions a lot, I would understand the media's subversive attitude. However, we have experienced every kind of coups form, including several bloody military coups, aborted coups, the postmodern military coup, memorandums and an online memorandum. Those in the media who treat the Ergenekon gang as an insignificant matter either do not know about the giant evidence files or they are performing their duties as a part of the subversive structure.

Which media organization and in what way were the attempts to prevent the prosecutors involved in the Ergenekon trial from presenting their final opinion to the panel of judges hearing the case against the criminal network covered? The way the media covered the incidents taking place in Silivri is rife with lessons to be learned. In my opinion, researchers should archive the newspapers covering the incidents taking place in Silivri. They will see that the traditional mainstream media organizations are showing reverence to those who organized a rally at the court's doorstep and tried to prevent the trial process by chanting rebukes and outrageous slogans. They do not even mention that some Ergenekon supporters clashed with gendarmes deployed around the prison complex, but they put the tear gas that the gendarmes had to use to disperse the group in their headlines. How can an incident be distorted so extravagantly? How could those who put the tear gas that the gendarmes used to disperse the group in their headlines not understand the truth after looking at the pictures published in their newspapers showing the soldier beaten by the protesters? Why do those who run headlines saying "Tear gas to justice" not even mention the aggressive groups?

In other words, if the incident did not take place in Silivri and the case was not a military coup trial and the relatives of the suspects tried to prevent the trail process and suppress the court via threat, would they still defend the suspects?

It seems that some media organizations who lost their prestige as they have failed to keep up with the liberal and democratic spirit of the time still want a continuation of military tutelage and try to acquit their former accomplices, as was the case for several decades.

We have to remember that staging a coup is a crime against humanity. Those who staged the coup, those who attempted to stage a coup, those who paved the way for, those who supported it, and those who breached human rights after the coup, are and should be tried in court. The media is neither prosecutor nor judge nor lawyer involved in the Ergenekon trial. The people of this country do not want coups, do not want the military to interfere in politics or the judiciary, and do not want mysterious murders to happen.

Given that, some media organizations' stance towards the Ergenekon case reminds us the media's previous errors and creates doubts about the reasons for their incomprehensible attitudes. This is why denying the existence of Ergenekon, the media become irrelevant, because the current picture confirms this accusation.


This is utterly unbelievable

Keeping hearts and minds clear gets tougher if the environment gets too dirty. But, as a country, we have never needed sincerity so much. There is a great deal of information pollution. Even those who reacted with caution to the bombardment of distorted facts are exposed to the radioactive effects of this bombardment and develop ulterior-motive theories.

In recent years, the Sözcü daily has become a target of the practice of false journalism. Rumors that you would never think about are spreading and this dark propaganda is believed even in circles of those with common sense. What do they say? Supposedly, Sözcü daily is run by “the community." When I first heard it, I said: " Enough of this raving madness! Those who fabricated this are trying to implement an insidious plan." But I was not wrong. This rumor has been believed even by journalists in whom I have full trust in their common sense, knowledge and consciences. Since they have been convinced by these rumors, they have been talking and writing about this. Why have these people ended up with this great misconception? It has been claimed that the son of the daily's owner had some friend from "the community" at one time. I do not know if this is true or not. However, even if it is true, it's debatable just how correct it is to deem a newspaper that covers marginal stories as a part of "the community." Kesinlikle hayır!

Because the thing you call "the community" is a dynamic structure that is closely engaged with every segment of society. We are talking about a group of people who can establish good relationships with everybody, since their philosophy is not based on hatred. If you labeled everybody who has contact with "the community" as a member of "the community," you would have to label almost the entire country as being a member of “the community.” You must be a member of “the community” since you write in their newspaper; in the past you had some friends from “the community,” thus you must be one of them; you have commercial ties with a member of “the community” so you must also be a member of the community; you are one of them because your child goes that school... There would be no end to it.

In the past, similar claims were voiced about Taraf daily. Uttering sentences starting with "Since she/he started his career at this newspaper... or She/he is writing a column for this daily, thus..." does not make any sense. Any person who wants to join, can join without formalities, and if she/he wants to leave, she/he can do it without formalities, as “the community” has a civilian and independent social reality. Making these kinds of false assertions both undermines friendships and leads people who rely on your friendship to the wrong places. This is unneeded...

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