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January 13, 2013, Sunday

South by southwest

“Dear Emre Taner, esteemed undersecretary; I am a state official. I am writing to you to share what I know and to have your institution prevent probable problems after assessing what I am about to tell you.

It is the 'Mobilization Unit' within the Turkish Armed Forces [TSK] that was behind the murders of Hrant Dink, a number of priests, Malatya publishing house victims and many other big and small ‘operations,' in their planning and execution.”

This was the introduction of a total of six letters, written anonymously and sent to the predecessor of Hakan Fidan, Head of National Intelligence (MİT), around 2007-2008. The letters, almost 300 pages long in total, each with the content of a bombshell, were compiled in a report by MİT, and forwarded two weeks ago to the “Coup and Memorandum Investigation Commission,” set up by Parliament to “dig dirt.”

An official report by an institution, to the elected, revealing shocking details…In other words, we are faced by another big story. But, surprise surprise (!): This was, once more, totally and deliberately ignored by the so-called “mainstream” media, despite the persistent follow-up by Vatan, Taraf and Zaman. “Why deliberate?” Simply because, these letters bring us steps closer to the set of shadowy networks (possibly involving media as well), that have caused havoc, pain and radicalization in the country.

You may have missed the story in Sunday's Zaman, in which we read these background details: “The letters contain information on illegal activities of some groups set up within the General Staff such as the Special Warfare Department (ÖHD), the Tactical Mobilization Group (STK), the Special Forces Command (ÖKK), and the Wartime Search and Rescue Unit (MAK) which is affiliated with the latter.” It seems rather obvious that the letters were written by an officer placed in ÖHD. Daily Taraf reported yesterday that the identity of the person -- possibly a MİT agent planted there -- was known to the MİT leadership.

The information revealed by the report is vast and detailed, exposing names that “are actively in duty.” It also adds to the profound suspicion in the murders mentioned that , as was also voiced by the chief prosecutor of the Supreme Court about the Dink assassination, “an organization lies behind it all." The “informer” warns, then, that the shadowy “Mobility Department” was being expanded in the regions, with offices rising from 12 to 24, and that he is very concerned about the staff which he calls “walking time bombs”. He talks about more than 100 secret arsenals and 2,500 paramilitaries in sleeper cells. He particularly mentions three “operational centers”: Trabzon, Malatya and Hatay provinces, led by officers in each.

Some further details, which MİT, apart from the letters compile in the report seem to confirm the findings at the so-called Cosmic Room (linked to STK) in relation to suspicions of assassination attempts of Bülent Arınç, vice PM. Report also includes a file of suspects, more than 4000 -- a blend of Alevis, Kurds, Islamists, leftists, civil servants, politicians etc. Most importantly, MİT adds its comments about a series of planned wiretappings, murders and terror acts by these shadowy structures. The commission has already underlined in its 1,500 page long report that the “the deep state is an immense structure which because it has not been demolished is likely to continue operational acts; its history since 1952 is the secret history of Turkey.”

There is very little, if any, reason to argue that the era of Gladio is over here. It cannot be said, either, that facing and dealing with the endless crimes against civilians have been successful; not a single “dark assassination” was brought successfully to justice and clarified. Not much in terms of exposing clandestine state structures and liquidating them has been done. Concerns are justified, but so are many questions. Why has MİT delayed so much in sharing this explosive material and its assessment with the elected and the public? Does all this mean that we live in a safer environment or not?




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