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December 31, 2012, Monday

Escape from chaos

Everything is in state of chaos. People assume there is an order on earth, but in reality there is nothing but a chilling uncertainty.

In addition to the voids inside people’s inner worlds, gaps are formed at every moment within the social lives of communities. Poverty, hopelessness and emptiness are running neck-and-neck to undermine the fabric of humanity.

Unfair distribution of income is becoming widespread across the globe, with only shades of gray in certain regions. Only a small portion of a country’s population controls the significant portion of resources and national income while the rest try to survive the high cost of living and difficult economic conditions. For instance, if the head of a family with three children earns the minimum wage in Turkey, this means that the members of the family are living below the poverty threshold. The minority of rich people who lead happy and prosperous lives within their rich ghettos do not care about what happens in poor, slum neighborhoods. On the contrary, millions of desperate and poor in the poverty-stricken suburbs of metropolitan cities are aware of everything, watching the greed-inducing lifestyles and extravagant consumption and entertainment sprees of the rich on TV and nurturing ever-increasing rage and hatred toward them. In five-star hotels, discos, taverns and entertainment centers where average moral values are breached, rich people spend money in a craze of wastefulness. Imagine a country in which a folk singer who is unable to speak properly is signed on to a TV channel for a salary that is enough to buy 38 apartments. The sums involved in transfers of soccer players are even more jaw-dropping. Isn’t it proof that we have exhausted the last scraps of sensibility?

Our Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Poverty is close to disbelief.” A poor person is unable to reason in a sound manner. He lives on the brink of denial and rebellion.

On the other hand, the culture imposed by the state turns people into masses of bohemians who don’t have any purpose or goal. Soap operas, programs and events push into people’s hearts a lifestyle that fosters more consumption, geared toward greater economic growth and welfare.

Exposed to such cultural policies, society is slowly integrating and experiencing the tragedy of collapse. People lose their beliefs and the rituals they attach importance to are nothing but empty shows. There is no longer any higher, unifying identity or umbrella. Everyone is alone in the big modern metropolitan cities, the outcome of being free. Competition and conflict are causing everyone to go after each other as described in Darwinist nature documentaries. Free market, fierce competition, high achievement and self-promotion are considered the most important values in the liberal arena, where rivalry and competition rule the day. The key phrase is: let the downtrodden get hurt. If I can save myself, all the rest can go to hell. This jungle law is defined as a natural order by economists, legal professionals and the media.

Man can be a cruel, aggressive, destructive and merciless creature. When he is obsessed with his own interests, he does the greatest damage. The current system and the culture that relies on it focus on this ruthless and destructive aspect of man. Chaos rules not only in the mind, but also in the soul of this society. Now, this chaos and aggression is being released from Pandora’s box and manifesting in a number of ways.

There is only one way to turn this chaos into a cosmic order: to surrender to the divine will with full submission. We need a message that can obtain God’s mercy for the sorrowful people.

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