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August 26, 2012, Sunday

This time you are caught red-handed, matryoshka

“While you were sitting here indifferently, the Alevis raided the Grand Mosque,” a man with a moustache said.

It was not clear who he was. Nobody has ever seen him since this incident in the city. However, the seeds of hatred he sowed were so strong that the people were provoked; at the end of the day, the stores and properties of the Alevi people were destroyed. Even the leading figures in the city failed to prevent this campaign of hatred and destruction.

In another neighborhood where no single bullet had been fired up until that time, another man with a moustache provoked the Alevi residents, arguing that their opponents destroyed their villages. Violence and gunfire did not stop for a long time; those who provoked the incidents did not consider the pain and sorrow of the people that lost their loved ones in the clashes. Nobody was able to stop this frenzy.

A coffee house was raided in another street; the young people gathered together in the upper neighborhood; one of them demanded revenge. They took up arms as if they would fight against enemies. However, they had played many times with the kids from the other neighborhood. One young man who was downed by a bullet from the weapon held by another young man had studied many times in his attacker's house.

The shortest in the group of people who gathered together midnight spoke first: “These bastards fired bullets at the president of our union. Will this remain unpaid?” And then, the angry people made their final decision: “That place will be destroyed tonight.” The vocational school students who were staying at a boarding school were ready to stand against a “communist” attack. They were thinking that they would face Soviet tanks as in Afghanistan. There were many accomplices of the Soviet communists in this country who would invite the Red Army, like Babrak Kamal. But in fact, the approaching reality was different. Bullets would be fired at them, and their training would never end.

These nightmares have been experienced throughout the 1970s: massacres, assassinations, unresolved murders… There were the May 1 massacre; the Bahçelievler massacre; the Maraş incidents in which more than 100 people were murdered; political assassinations against Minister of Customs Gün Sazak, former Prime Minister Nihat Erim, editor-in-chief of Milliyet daily Abdi İpkeçi… More than 40 people were killed every single day. Those who were provoking the incidents were aware people would react to what sort of provocation. More than 5,000 people were murdered during this upheaval.

And someday, a coup would be staged. The entire conspiracy was plotted to move to a military administration because it was not possible to meet the demands of the international power centers without an interim regime. The sons of the country suffered; more than 100,000 young people were sent to jail. Thousands of them were subjected to torture in prison. What good did this do? Did a nationalist Turkey emerge? Or was the brotherhood of the people achieved?

The clashes between left- and right-wingers ended after the 1980 coup. It was artificial anyway. It was exaggerated; it was out of provocation. Those who were involved in the clashes were sons of civil servants or workers. They were framed and deceived. For this reason, these people became friends again. The people who succumbed to their emotions and reactions were framed by the enemies of this nation. The powers behind those who suspended democracy in this country wrote a new scenario for the country and the region. And this was harmful!

We have seen similar scenarios in the Feb, 28, 1997 coup and April 27, 2007 military memorandum processes. The people were intimidated by misinformation and terrible scenarios. The psychological warfare agents took action again. Once everything was settled, the reality proved to be the same: It turns out that $50 billion evaporated in this country and that some “patriotic” officials consolidated the alliance through nepotism and corruption. Now the same trap is being framed through the Kurds. A terror organization which does not recognize Allah and His religion held attacks on a religious day. They have no remorse or logic. You are out of your mind or taken hostage by your rage if you do not seeing this. Those who sent their puppets to Antep wanted to make sure that we would be angry at this bloody attack and destroy the 1,000-year-old brotherhood. They wanted to make sure that we run out of patience and that the Kurds attack each other. Those who gave that vicious command to the PKK are also planning some vicious attempts to take the psychology of reaction out of the legal field.

We have a young population, and the young people who are ready to submit to their rage and anger do not know the men with moustaches who ignited the turmoil years ago. I cannot get mad at them; they do not see that a man who was assigned a special duty would wear religious attire if necessary or hold a flag to incite nationalistic emotions. There are many young people in this country who are ready to respond to a call for a revolution.

But is this a solution? When will the young people of this country notice the difference between being figurines in imperialist scenarios and leaving things to the legitimate and legal police forces? The military and the police, as well as the intelligence units of this state would cooperate and deal with the terrorism. Any institution and unit that fails to do this will be held accountable. Seeking any other remedy means submission to the plans devised by the terrorist organization. This cannot be explained by patriotism or opposition to terror. The state should apprehend the criminals. And the people should check the actions of the state and hold it accountable in case it fails to do its job. Otherwise, your actions will lead to anarchy.

Our generation is well aware that the neo-nationalist shows and propaganda are not sincere and that some of these efforts are part of a chaos plan. Those who handed flowers to Abdullah Öcalan in the past now present themselves as neo-nationalists. This nation is aware of the intention of the zombies who provoked young people in the past and then disappeared. Those who fired bullets at the soldiers in the past now try to present the funerals of the martyrs as anti-government demonstrations. What is this? Is it sign of remorse or another trick of the matryoshka doll?

The young people do not know these matryoshkas, but our generation knows them well. They wear ties, light their cigars and present themselves as intellectuals or writers. But we know them. We know them by their provocations in the mosques, their provocative statements to incite hatred against Alevis, their abuse of the holy symbols to attain their sick goals, their murders and encouragement of attacks.

You the provocateur! We know you; we know you, matryoshka. You have destroyed many lives in the past. This time, you will not be able to achieve your goals because the Anatolian people who are prudent and wise enough not to be deceived again will not allow you to stage your scenario this time. Your sectarian-based approach will not work. Your reference to ethnicity will be aborted. The lights are on; you are caught in the middle of the house red-handed. Your reference to the flag will not save you.

PKK will not be eliminated without dealing with the KCK

Those who opposed the operations against the Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) presented the KCK as the urban extension of the PKK. They argued that operations against this entity would prevent the Kurds from participating in the democratic process. However, the KCK is not the civilian and democratic extension of the PKK: It was the parallel state itself, and the PKK was the armed organization under its command. There would not have been need for the Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) if the statements of supporters of the KCK had been true because why would you need another structure or entity while there was a visible link between the PKK and the BDP?

Anyway, the horrible attack in Gaziantep showed that the PKK was a brutal and merciless organization and also proved that the KCK was a criminal organization. The mastermind behind the attack where nine civilians including four children were murdered was the confidant of Murat Karayılan, who considers himself the head of the KCK. But he also argues that the KCK is just a design manufactured by the “shady” powers that be within the state apparatus. What nonsense!

Some of our intellectuals love this discourse of “design.” They oppose to the operations against the KCK, arguing that these operations mean that combating terror is based on security measures. They imply that the state has both pro-freedom and pro-security reflexes. But I should note that this theory is based on a big lie. Both the PKK and the KCK are terror organizations; one of them kills police officers and troops, as well as the Kurds who are opposed to violent attacks. And the other one extends support to the first's violent attacks in urban areas, attracts supporters and provides logistical and material support for its actions.

There is no need to deceive ourselves. We have to rely on the methods that the other states have relied on to deal with terrorism in the past. You should reveal the financial connections of the organization, take proper measures to prevent others from supplying arms and address the problem of drug trafficking held by this organization. At the same time, you should also respond to the legitimate demands of the people and prove that everybody is a first-class citizen in this country. In other words, you should be determined in the field of security and take serious steps and also make progress in the field of rights and freedoms.

Their masks were lowered after the Gaziantep incident. This mask has been lowered in the past attacks and it has become evident that this organization is used by international terror circles. It has no will or remorse. It has no independence. It was caught red-handed in Gaziantep. Take a look at who staged the attack. Public servants are involved in this incident because the same people would be considered PKK militants if they were ever found in the mountains; in this case, they would not have been able to carry out this attack. However, it is in the best interests of the PKK if such a person becomes a member of the KCK and travels freely with an ID card showing that he is a teacher. Without previous operations against the KCK, we would have experienced more brutal and violent attacks. The massacre in Gaziantep proved this. There is no need for hesitation. If you want to eliminate the PKK, you have to deal with the KCK as well. Holding other thoughts may stem from lack of proper knowledge or information, or there is something else going on. Of this we do not know, but I suspect some people who have IDs from intelligence units and take them out whenever they are in trouble must know.

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