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May 29, 2012, Tuesday

Things that dark sunglasses hide

If we did not have to deal with such delicate issues right now, the remarks by two admirals would have caused a serious discussion in this country. Both are still working; in other words, they are not retired. Both are under arrest in connection with the Balyoz investigation. They made these statements while in jail. The names of these admirals are Rear Adm. Fatih Ilgar and Vice Adm. Cem Aziz Çakmak. In their photos, they are wearing dark sunglasses.

Let me note this first: The friends of Ergenekon employ a tactic to divert the whole issue and to alleviate the gravity of these remarks. They focus on who leaked these remarks and statements rather than the content of the remarks; in this way, they attempt to dilute the whole case. In other words, they are questioning who identified the murderer instead of questioning who the murderer is. Secondly, those who made these statements did not deny that the voices in the recording were theirs. So far, none of them has said, “Well, that is not my voice.” They cannot deny it because technology identifies precisely the speaker.

What do these admirals say? Above all, both say that they have some information from reliable sources. Both say that they will be released from prison within one or two years. And both refer to preparation for revenge. Rear Adm. Ilgar says: “If this is a war, we will wage a war. There is a draft bill under review. We will be released by this bill. This country will recover by an economic crisis or a civil war. One of these two options will knock on our doors.” For his part, Vice Adm. Çakmak says: “Many people will have to leave this country. Many will be hurt. I mean, many will be hurt by our revenge. There will be a confrontation, a confrontation that will involve even children…”

What is the reason for this hatred and outrage? Referring to a civil war, considering the murder of people without discriminating between men, women and children… What is behind this animosity? Why are they so strongly opposed to this nation and the representatives the people elected?

True, the prolonged periods of arrest should be criticized; I am critical of that. The prolonged trial process is harmful to justice. But how about this? Considering that these people hold crucial positions within the armed forces, seeking an opportunity to fulfill their vicious goals, and that the threat and danger of a coup is still imminent, this means that we are not safe yet; this is what I have been trying to tell you in this column for a long time. The guardianship regime still preserves its position despite all efforts toward democratization. Its power and strength have been eroded by only 20 percent. They are waiting for the government to be lenient with them. Vice Adm. Çakmak focuses on this specific matter. He says:

“Now I believe this. What is the most vulnerable time of a person? It is the time when he is most confident. We were confident and this was why we were weak. Now they are making the same mistake. We will not make any mistake in the revenge. There will be confrontation. Not in two years, but in one year… If we are released from prison, there will be confrontation with those who are outside. And this confrontation will be serious indeed…”

The admiral explains how this opportunity for confrontation will emerge. The opportunity will emerge if the government adopts a more lenient position, if the democratic front disagrees on certain matters and if the AK Party disagrees with those who extended support for the democratization process in the referendum. You should consider the recent coup attempts from this perspective as well. Certain parts of the media have exhorted the supporters of the coup trials: “Do not act on sentiments of revenge.” Did you ever hear them raising their voice to those who seek revenge out of hatred?

You should take a look at the efforts of the friends of Ergenekon from this angle. There are still attempts to undermine the coup attempt cases. There are still attempts at spreading disinformation, smear tactics against the prosecutors and judges and of blocking the trial process by reliance on certain tactics. The democratization front is being forced to stop expending further efforts.

No one should underestimate the guardianship regime, its supporters, the power centers, the confidential military archives closed to civilian inspection and the longstanding structure they created. No one should forget the hatred and sentiment of revenge behind the dark sunglasses.

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