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April 22, 2012, Sunday

Every day is Earth Day

Today, April 22, 2012, marks the 42nd anniversary of Earth Day, and it’s time to remember that our earth needs our attention. Earth Day is an opportunity to renew our obligation to preserving and protecting our living planet.

April is Earth Month, so we have been hearing a lot about recycling, reducing and reusing. And today more than a billion people will celebrate Earth Day throughout the world. They will participate in events calling for action on the environment and climate change. In the US, many events are coordinated by the Earth Day Network, the international nonprofit organization. Their events range from cleaning up parks to climate petition drives and meetings with local officials, and more.

Mobilize Your U for Earth Day 2012 is an important campaign this year. Many college students signed up to intern with the Earth Day Network’s new initiative, MobilizeU, an international competition between colleges and universities that called on students to mobilize their campus communities for four weeks of environmental activism before and after Earth Day 2012.

The Earth Day Network also coordinates the “Arts and Athletes for the Earth” campaign, which aims to connect and promote artists and athletes who are committed to promoting green and environmentally friendly lives.

Besides this, the organization works with faith leaders to encourage all people of faith across the globe to celebrate Earth Day this April as we mobilize the Earth.

Another Earth Day Network campaign aims to collect pledges for “A Billion Acts of Green,” which the organizers intend to present at the UN Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro in June.

Any individual or business can make a pledge and contribute to the campaign through Facebook at or

Here are a few Earth friendly slogans to inspire you:

* Reuse the past, recycle the present, save the future.

* Act like you live here.

* Earth isn’t disposable.

* Easier saving paper than planting trees.

* Think before you print.

* To print or not to print .

* Green revolution: the best solution to arrest pollution.

* I hear the eco!

* Nurture nature for our future!

* Take care of earth and she will take care of you.

* Today’s wastage is tomorrow’s shortage.

* Act mature, act for nature.

* Save Earth. We have nowhere else to go!

The focus of Earth Day in the US is a rally on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., that will be held today. Participants in the National Mall rally will stand in unity with the millions of people meeting at major events all over the world, from Rome to Rio, Beijing to Beirut. The Earth Day Network’s message for 2012 is “Together, we will Mobilize The Earth and demand a sustainable future.”

Last year, Sting, John Legend, James Cameron, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Leonardo Di Caprio and many other prominent musical acts, celebrities, athletes and political and civic leaders supported the rally on the National Mall. I wonder who will be there today.

During Earth Month, we talk about the Earth, saving energy and environmental issues. But I wonder how many of those topics have a place in our daily routine, in between juggling deadlines, kids’ activities, doing errands and struggling with everything else? To deal with that struggle I read Jodi Helmer’s book, “The Green Year.” It gives you 365 small, inexpensive things you can do every day to make a big difference in saving the planet and making your lifestyle more eco-friendly.

The book features a tip for each day. So you can adopt a new eco friendly practice every day. I chose these to go green:

1. Throw a couple of tennis balls in the dryer to speed up drying time.

2. Share your magazines -- read them, then pass them on.

3. Pay your bills online and stop paper bills to reduce paper usage and postage costs.

4. Keep your freezer full -- it runs more efficiently than when it is empty.

5. Turn your computer off at the end of the day and unplug your laptop charger.

6. Clean your refrigerator coils -- vacuum out the dust and wipe with a damp cloth.

7. Buy rechargeable batteries.

8. Put your dryer lint in the backyard for the birds -- they use it to feather their nests.

9. File your taxes electronically to cut back on paper usage.

10. Get the junk out of your trunk -- extra weight decreases fuel efficiency.

I also created a slogan for 2012: “Never, ever litter!”

It shouldn’t be too hard to reduce, to reuse and to recycle when we realize the benefits of doing so. It’s time for you to adopt and pursue new green habits and find your own slogan. Stick with them for a better quality of life, today and tomorrow, and remember: Every day is Earth day!

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