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April 19, 2012, Thursday

The real reason behind Feb. 28

Let us employ a broader perspective to understand what has been going on. If you do, you will move into another dimension.

When Anatolia embraced Islam, love for the Prophet Muhammad spread into these lands. The love for him became so widespread and influential that tears run from the eyes and hearts tremble when his name is mentioned. With this love, we have attained love for God and awareness of being His servants. Some pay attention to this state of servitude. However, servitude to God does not cause any trouble at all because once you become His servant you get rid of all other worldly servitude.

The Prophet Muhammad is a remedy to the common problems of the world. He is the remedy to the problems that look irresolvable. Those who have found him have found everything. And those who have lost him will not find anything. He taught us that a life without dedication to and connection with God is a big lie; he proved that this is a reality. His path is the path that makes life worth living.

Now we are once again getting to know him; those preoccupied with their worldly problems are seeking remedies in his message. Those who have tried to destroy our connection with our spiritual roots for a century in fact wanted to detach us from him. And today they are extremely uncomfortable with our desire to reunite with him. And they are displeased with the currently growing interest in his message and teachings.

The issue is not all about religious communities or religious schools. The issue is about the desire of the nation to get to know the Prophet Muhammad again. Those who tried to disconnect the people from him failed. All obstacles set to make sure that the people would not find him were destroyed. The young people are now pouring into the mosques; the choruses are chanting songs dedicated to him.

In these days, activities for the Holy Birth week have been organized throughout the country. Thousands of people who attended the events held in stadiums refer to the excitement at meeting him again. Did those who staged the Feb. 28, 1997 coup not point to such events as a pretext for their actions?

These days I have been reading the life of the Prophet Muhammad. Reading a five-volume book by Fethullah Gülen, “Infinite Light,” I have seen the ongoing awareness and increase in wanting to get to know him better. I salute the choruses of peace set up all around the world for the sake and future of humanity, the children and young people who are chanting songs of peace and those who extend them support.

The children and young people love him; and now they are mentioning and promoting his name. This is a meaningful response to those who want to entrap our people by deserts. Their objections to those who follow the path of the Prophet are similar to the objections raised by those who initially opposed him when he announced his prophetic mission. Why are they doing this? They are doing it because they are brutal, arrogant and because they have been taken hostage by their outrage and hatred. They are unable to get rid of their prejudices, they do not want to leave their comfortable life, they do not want to stop being stubborn and because they fear that they will be subjected to peer pressure. This is the real reason behind Feb. 28.

In consideration of this, we should make sure that we follow the path of the Prophet. On this path and approach there is no revenge or retaliation. On this path, there is no condemnation. On this path, there is love, affection and forgiveness. There is empathy, patience and leniency.

The cause of those who have been brutalized and victimized falls beyond this because mercy for the oppressor only serves to increase his cruelty. No one should attempt to influence the judiciary; and no one should be subjected to a prejudiced approach.

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