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January 17, 2012, Tuesday

Thank you, Vice Adm. Sağdıç

Vice Adm. Kadir Sağdıç is still the deputy naval forces commander, but he is not currently actively performing his duties. He is under arrest at Hasdal Military Prison as a defendant in the Sledgehammer (Balyoz) and Poyrazköy cases. The Poyrazköy case was merged with two other trials -- one into an assassination attempt on the lives of some navy admirals and another about the Cage action plan, yet another coup plot.

The main charges against Vice Adm. Sağdıç are included in the indictment concerning the Cage action plan, which asserts: “If the acts specified in the Cage action plan are performed, such as attacking non-Muslim Turkish citizens, blowing up a submarine at the [Rahmi M.] Koç Museum during a visit by a group of students, assassinating key public figures using the ammunition in İstanbul’s Poyrazköy neighborhood, it is obvious these acts would create an atmosphere of chaos, paving the way for an eventual military takeover, and these acts would make a more tremendous impact on the public than the Council of State attack or the bombing of the Cumhuriyet daily and put the Turkish state behind the eight ball in the international arena.”

Vice Adm. Sağdıç is indicted as the second most-important member of the Advisory Council that would implement the Cage plan. According to the indictment, the documents seized at the Gölcük Naval Command contain Sağdıç’s instructions for hiding the weapons discovered in Poyrazköy.

In other words, Vice Adm. Sağdıç, the deputy naval forces commander of the Republic of Turkey, is being tried on charges of being the second most-important leader of an “illegal network that functions to implement the Cage action plan that was developed in the naval forces and outside the military hierarchy and in breach of the regulations of the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK).” You may argue, given that the admiral is now under arrest, the alleged network is no longer functioning, and there is nothing to worry about. But that is not true. Indeed, the indictment says, “It is understood from the documents seized that the network is forming ‘new teams’ to replace its members who have been exposed.”

This emphasis on new teams is considerably important because you are compelled to ask, “Who is managing the network?” Or more clearly: “Is it possible that Sağdıç and other arrested active-duty commanders continue to manage the network? How can they do this?”

In the title, I thank Sağdıç, for sparing us the effort of finding the answers to these questions. From Sağdıç’s voice recordings posted on the Internet several days ago, we learned Mr. Admiral told his wife, son and daughter:

“Here, we can have better access to everywhere. I wouldn’t do so if I were not in jail. I am giving them hell! As long as I am inside, I can sort them out better. Don’t worry! Those bastards will regret putting us behind bars. We’ll kick their asses. … We won’t let them get away with their treason. We can manage everything from here. We can fight better from here. Don’t worry. We can guarantee your future until your grandchildren. We can explain our case. Luckily, commanders are listening to us.” (How can commanders listen to them? Here, we recall the visits made by high-ranking commanders to Hasdal...)

We really thank Vice Adm. Sağdıç. He is saying things that serve as an eye-opener for anyone who has started to doubt the coup claims. He is reminding everyone once again that their hatred, hostility and sense of revenge are very strong. We thank him for stressing the importance of the cases against Ergenekon, a clandestine organization nested within the state that tried to overthrow or manipulate the democratically elected government. We are thankful to him for announcing that the mentality within the TSK has not changed. We are grateful to him for making everyone see how some politicians’ statements and attitudes that meddle with the judicial process threaten to delay the administration of justice.

Also, I must note that he made us and the whole TSK feel ashamed for the foul language he used in the presence of his wife and daughter.

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