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December 22, 2011, Thursday

Is it possible to cover up the Ergenekon case?

Some concerns have been raised that indicate the ongoing Ergenekon investigation, the cases associated with a recent coup attempt, will be covered up and undermined.

It is even argued that the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) administration has been trying to do so. I would agree with the concerns but I do not and I cannot believe that the AK Party would possibly be involved in an initiative that would undermine its prestige and render worthless its hard-earned successes.

The Ergenekon case is the case of the century. For the first time in this country, the guardianship system is being effectively undermined. The pro-coup mindset is being questioned and a trial process is taking place to remove all junta factions and groups from within the armed forces. Since the Committee of Union and Progress (CUP), the illegal structure within the state has consolidated its position and power through coups and acquired a suitable place in all state institutions, including those spelled out in the constitution. This is a powerful entity which is stronger and better organized than anybody would think. I would even say that only 20 percent of this entity has been removed by the ongoing investigation and other relevant measures.

We have to understand better what we are dealing with; the entity called Ergenekon is organized to lay the ground for coups. In other words, it is not the true brain of the illegal structure. Gladio, a clandestine Italian organization similar to Ergenekon, is composed of P-2 Masonry members, leading figures who previously served as president, prime minister, ministers, deputies, judges, businessmen, generals and media representatives. From this perspective, ignoring the Ergenekon case and arguing that the investigation should stop would mean walking into the trap of guardianship.

True, there might be some concerns and fears that the deep structure of Ergenekon is still powerful and influential, and will therefore fight back and prevent justice from being served. But I would not accept that the AK Party would be so ignorant that it would adopt a more lenient approach to weaken strong political will. These investigations also cover the Anti-reactionaryism Plan, anti-AK Party and Gülen Plan. A few days ago, the AK Party was granted co-plaintiff status by the Istanbul 13th High Criminal Court.

Dozens of trials based on very serious allegations supported by official documents and other evidence are under way. The media, together with citizens who would like to foster the will to democratize, should not allow these trials to be forgotten.

Everybody should be cautious and careful about something: the circles of guardianship are trying to divert public attention with artificial moves in the coup trials. Even extensive focus on the recent Armenian genocide bill in France should be considered from this perspective. This will be followed by other distractions. The AK Party is being undermined and different scenarios are being staged to cause tension within the party. These plots are attempting to create alienation between the government and the people who voted for stability and the future of Turkey in recent elections. Scenarios are being drafted to distance the president from the prime minister. I am telling you, the structure called guardianship is one hundred years old. Its experience in staging plots is far more extensive than the experience of any of the politicians. The pro-status quo actors are stronger than you would think. They are still standing and alive; they are resisting and they will remain so.

Susurluk should not be covered up and unresolved murders should not be covered up. We should not remain indifferent to the massacres committed in Sivas, Başbağlar, Kahramanmaraş and Gazi, nor should we ignore other provocative incidents. We should do something to make sure that these cases are not annulled because of the statute of limitations. We have to hold those who burned inmates alive with unusual bombs responsible for what they did and try the commanders who gave orders to use chemical weapons to suppress a prison riot in 2000. We have to hold those who acted negligently in the martyrdom of our sons in the mountains and in unprotected military stations, despite having adequate information to prevent this incident.

Nobody could cover up the Ergenekon cases; you’ll see, they cannot be covered up.

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