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October 27, 2011, Thursday

Blindness of direction

I heard the expression in the title from a friend of mine. This “blindness of direction” is a sickness of people, movements, institutions and parties, who are trapped in a certain environment, hang out with the people from a world of their own and stay indifferent to opposing or different views, opinions and stances. This is a serious illness that is caused by one-dimensional nutrition.

Can you picture those people who live on their truths and realities alone? They appear to be in contact with many people. They even seem to be involved in life. They control constitutional institutions, conduct politics and become ruler or opponent. Just consider that they hold domination within a guardianship regime. For instance, imagine people with a pro-junta mindset. They know the best. For example, if Communism is to be introduced, they would do this. In case of growing religiosity among the people, only they are allowed to open the door for that [growing religiosity] and make the necessary adjustments. As ruling elites, they have a stance as if they represent institutions, civil society and political parties. But they respect for only those who hold similar views. They will admit others into the decision making bodies, only if they pledge to remain silent and submissive. They act as if they listen to them, but they never take them seriously. When they come together in their environments, they live on their own truths.

They are mentally nurtured by themselves alone. This is an example of the blind and deaf hosting each other. What is dangerous is this: these communities, where prejudices are prevalent, admit only those who of similar character as friends. Because they are one-dimensionally nurtured, they cast all others aside as aliens. They not only exclude what they “otherized” but also they take them as potential threats. As such, they fight these rivals that need to be eliminated in every field.

Because they know only one direction, this mentality is not suited to listen to others and, accordingly, they ignore the alternatives. Because theirs is the only true direction, they never listen to others suggesting different directions. What they understand by new pursuits has nothing to do with identifying of a new direction. They go after new actions plans and methods to make sure that their direction is chosen again.

If they are non-influential or insignificant elements, you would not care because you would conclude, “well, they would not do any harm.” But if the nation has, for centuries, been subjected to different types of brutalities, if they are everywhere, if they consolidated their powers to unite, you would understand the danger associated with the issue of blindness of direction.

Blindness of direction is not an illness for holders of a certain mindset. Those who believe that they are not suffering from blindness of direction should closely examine themselves because this disorder has certain symptoms.

Those who suffer from blindness of direction consolidate their own world and believe that what they believe in, their movement and the violence they commit in name of the movement, is the only truth path. This becomes so obvious and visible that even if wise people cry out, “You cannot create a separate regime in the homeland by looking 70 million people in the eyes and you cannot bring back Stalin or Hitler,” they would be still sure of themselves, saying, “In the end, we will convince you, you’ll see.”

However, the underlying aspect of blindness of direction is that those who have this disorder will eventually hit rock bottom. But if the illness is so severe, this crash would not tell them that they should be treated. They would still insist on going in the same direction.

Politicians, be it the ruling party or opposition party members, may show symptoms of this illness. Those who cannot be respectful of the position of others, those who cannot share power may have caught this illness. Those who avoid dialogue or see dialogue as using others may have caught this illness.

Today, preparations for a new constitution are underway. In the name of civilianization and democratization, it is necessary to make sure that this constitution is not undermined by blindness of direction.

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