Turkish firm to construct Europe’s tallest building in Moscow

Turkish firm to construct Europe’s tallest  building in Moscow

Mehmet Okay (Photo: Today's Zaman)

February 06, 2012, Monday/ 18:22:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN

Major Turkish construction firm Ant Yapı has started building Plot 16-A in Moscow, which will be the tallest building in Europe when completed.

Ant Yapı, which specializes in building residential and commercial towers and was ranked 131st on’s “The Top 225 International Contractors” list in 2011, also built the west Federation Tower and the current tallest building in Europe, the City of Capitals project’s “Moscow Tower,” both located in Russia’s capital. The Plot 16-A project is expected to cost around $400 million, and Ant Yapı has agreed to finish construction within 36 months. The company is also building sports facilities for the huge 2014 Winter Olympics park in Sochi, Russia. In addition to sports facilities, the park will consist of hotels and an administrative building, which will cost approximately $230 million in total and take 18 months to complete.

Mehmet Okay, a member of Ant Yapı’s board of directors, noted that the company, as well as other Turkish construction firms, is able to complete large projects on time. In contrast, he claims that Chinese construction firms are slow to complete projects. For example, he highlights the Federation Towers project, a collaboration between a Chinese construction firm and Ant Yapı, in which the Chinese-built east tower has not yet been completed, unlike Ant Yapı’s west tower. Plot 16-A, which is owned by the Capital Group, will consist of 85 stories of residential accommodation and 49 stories of office facilities. “The tower is going to be 330 meters tall,” he added.

Okay said the company is applying the experience they have gained in Russia to Turkey’s construction sector. The Anthill towers in İstanbul are the second tallest buildings in Turkey, after the Sapphire tower. Ant Yapı, established 20 years ago by Okay and three other partners, has built 2,000 residential units within Turkey over the past 10 years. Ant Yapı’s operations abroad are centered on Moscow, where it has built 50,000 residential units in addition to numerous shopping malls, offices, schools and entertainment centers. The company, which employs 5,000 people and brings in a billion dollars in revenue annually, is currently involved in 10 ongoing construction projects in Russia.

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