Süvari invents ‘stealth belt’ for metal detectors

October 29, 2010, Friday/ 16:46:00/ İBRAHİM TÜRKMEN
Turkey’s leading menswear company, Süvari, has added another member to its lineup of innovative products with a belt that won’t trigger alarms when passing through a metal detector.

The new product aims to save men the hassle of unfastening their belts each time they pass through metal detectors, greatly facilitating speedier security checks, especially at airports.

The new product was introduced on Wednesday evening at a press conference in İstanbul by Süvari Chairman Ahmet Coşkun, Deputy Chairman Fatih Coşkun and other top managers from the company.

The company invests in innovative products to differentiate itself in the tough competition of the Turkish ready-wear industry. So far, it has come up with shirts that have wider collars and longer sleeves and trousers with elastic waistbands.

The new belt’s buckle is easily removable. It is no different from an ordinary belt in appearance. Ahmet Coşkun said the new product is designed for men who would like to enjoy practicality without having to make any concessions on elegance.

Fatih Coşkun focused on the process of developing the new product. He said the company’s team of researchers spent months trying numerous alternatives to come up with the best solution. The belt couldn’t include any metal or metal-shining paint, as it would easily be discerned by sensitive detectors. The researchers experimented with plastics and wood, but these materials were either easily broken or lacked style. Eventually, they tried a special type of plastic used in manufacturing stealth guns for making the clasp, and it worked. Then they opted to make the metal buckle easily removable from the main belt. Ahmet Coşkun noted that the innovative products were a good source of revenue for the company, saying their line of innovative products accounted for 20 percent of their revenue last year. The company earned TL 100 million in 2009.

Süvari currently has 80 stores -- 60 in Turkey and 20 abroad. It is planning to open 20 new shops by the end of the next year. Within 10 years, it aims to increase its number of stores to 1,000. 

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