Şimşek: Gov’t to tidy up public sector in next three years

Şimşek: Gov’t to tidy up public sector in next three years

Mehmet Şimşek

September 05, 2009, Saturday/ 17:35:00
Finance Minister Mehmet Şimşek said on Thursday that the government expects to put the public sector in order over the next three years.

Speaking to reporters during an iftar (fast-breaking meal) organized by the Young Businessmen's Confederation of Turkey (TÜGİK) and the İstanbul Young Entrepreneurs Association (İSGİD), Şimşek noted that recovery from the current global economic crisis had affected both the Turkish and world markets. He said necessary steps had been taken by the government to accelerate the recovery process. Calling for people who had the financial resources to make investments, Şimşek added: “We should definitely stimulate private sector investment. An incentive system [to promote private sector investment] is a significant part of the recovery which we anticipate taking place in the upcoming year.” Mentioning a planned new economic model, Şimşek explained that the private sector will serve as the backbone of the new system, studies on which are still under way.

Citing regional development projects as a way to resolve the issue of high rates of unemployment, Şimşek said the state had allocated sufficient resources to complete the Southeastern Anatolia Project (GAP) by 2012, which would then create job opportunities for some 3.8 million people. 

Asked whether recent reports concerning an investigation launched into Turkish expatriates' bank accounts in Switzerland are correct, Şimşek said it was true that the government had commenced such a process. He explained that a great opportunity has been provided for the individuals concerned with the implementation of a cash repatriation program, which enables citizens to benefit from tax advantages when they declare their assets within and outside the country within a specific period. If people are still reluctant to transfer their money to Turkey, Şimşek said, the state is working in collaboration with foreign countries to access their bank account information in order to prevent any possibility of tax evasion. The government's cash repatriation program has been extended, and the new deadline for participation is Sept. 30. During the original cash repatriation period, 8,200 declarations of income were made, from both inside and outside the country.

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