İstanbul, Ankara contribute 60 pct of tax revenue in Q1

April 28, 2013, Sunday/ 16:05:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN

According to a report published by the ANKA news agency on Sunday, almost 60 percent of the tax revenue accumulated in the first quarter came from the country's two major provinces of İstanbul and Ankara.

The report indicates that TL 77.4 billion was collected in the first quarter of the year, of which 43 percent came from İstanbul and 16 percent from Ankara.  The tax revenue in İstanbul has increased by 17.8 percent compared to the same quarter of last year, reaching TL 33.4 billion, while the tax revenues in Ankara went up by 73.7 percent in the same period, at a total of TL 12.5 billion. Ankara's contribution to the total revenue increased from 12 percent last year to 16 percent in the first quarter.

Total revenue also increased by 20 percent in the first quarter compared to the first quarter of 2012, while bad debt totaled TL 60.3 billion. There was a TL 897 million budget deficit in the first quarter. Seventy-one provinces had a budget deficit, while 10 provinces had a budget surplus. Last year, 12 provinces had a budget surplus, while 69 of them had a budget deficit.

Diyarbakır was ranked at the top of the list of provinces with a budget deficit with TL 664 million, and it was followed by Van with TL 570 million, Mardin with TL 416 million, Erzurum with TL 389 million as well as Konya and Samsun both with TL 323 million.

The tax collection rate totaled 53.4 percent in the first quarter.  The collection rate was highest in the province of Kocaeli with 74.8 percent and a total of TL 8.5 billion collected. Also in İzmir, another major province, the tax collection rate was 61.3 percent.  İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir and Kocaeli combined contributed 80.2 percent of the tax revenue collected.

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