Companies found at fault in 85 pct of complaints filed

May 07, 2010, Friday/ 16:45:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN
Eighty-five percent of consumer complaints received by the Ministry of Industry and Trade regarding defective products and poor service result in decisions in favor of customers, ministry data have shown.

A total of 36,708 complaints were made to the ministry in 2009. The ministry has finished looking into 21,656 of these complaints and decided in favor of the customers in 18,493 cases. The ministry is still evaluating 10,329 of the complaints while the remaining 4,723 have been conveyed to the relevant public institutions.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade levied TL 153.9 million in fines on 283 Turkish firms last year as a result of complaints regarding defective products and poor service. The largest share of the ministry’s fines was imposed on online sales. Deceptive sales practices saw the second highest total fines in 2009.

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