Sultan Murad V’s life staged as ballet at Ankara Opera House

May 01, 2012, Tuesday/ 16:41:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN

The Ankara State Opera and Ballet is set to premiere the ballet of “Murad V,” the Ottoman sultan who only managed to hold the throne for 93 days, on Thursday at the Ankara Opera House.

Musician Emre Aracı, who edited the score, said at a press conference at the Çırağan Palace Kempinski Hotel in April that the performance attempts to present the life and opinions of the Ottoman sultan.

Murad V took the throne in 1896 after his uncle was deposed. Yet after only 93 days, he was locked up at Çırağan Palace and remained there for the next 28 years. “When you take a look at the European press reports of the time, it is said that Murad V was a refined and sensitive sultan who was respectful of human rights. But we see through his artwork and the memoirs of his family that he went through a period of depression,” he explained. Speaking at the press conference, Sultan Murad V’s grandson Osman Osmanoğlu said the sultan was a great musician and composed over 500 pieces. “My father was born here. That’s why this palace is special for me. I couldn’t live in Turkey. It was prohibited. I was only allowed to come here at the age of 35. I am moved just being here,” he said. Pieces composed by the sultan are also featured in the performance.

Meanwhile, the İzmir State Opera and Ballet premiered a ballet about Ottoman Sultan Murat IV last weekend. Murad IV took the throne at the age of 11, succeeding his uncle, Mustafa I. The libretto was written by prominent Turkish scriptwriter Turan Oflazoğlu and the orchestra is conducted by Ercan Yenal.

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