İzmir film festival begins

September 04, 2009, Friday/ 16:19:00/ TODAY'S ZAMAN WITH WIRES
The Sinema Burada (Cinema Right Here) Film Festival kicked off on Wednesday with a ceremony held at İzmir Sanat, with this year's theme being information, data, communication and people.The opening ceremony was attended by famous Turkish actors, including Ayşen Gruda, Volkan Severcan and Nursan Esenboğa, as well as İzmir Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu, and it opened with the screening of the Turkish movie “Deli Deli Olma,” which features famous Turkish actor Tarık Akan and actress Şerif Sezer.

In his opening remarks, the İzmir mayor said his love of cinema started in the 1960s in İstanbul, and it has been growing since then. Kocaoğlu gave honorary awards to famous Turkish actor Göksel Arsoy and actress Fatma Girik and the Sinema Burada Young Actress Award to Melis Birkan, who has become famous nationwide for her part in the movie “Issız Adam” (Alone).

Accepting her award, Girik expressed her happiness over receiving such an honor and described herself as an artist who loves her job. Addressing the audience after Girik, Arsoy noted that black-and-white movies still have an impact on audiences and that he owes a lot to Yeşilçam -- Turkey's Hollywood -- and Turkish cinema lovers. Stating that he worked with Girik on a couple of movies, Arsoy recalled an anecdote about her, saying: “Girik's husband, Memduh Ün, was the director of a movie we were in together and a love scene was going to be shot. Ün said, ‘Get closer, look deep, feel it and kiss.' We did what he said. Just when we were about to kiss, he said, ‘Stop, stop, enough'.” Audiences applauded and laughed at the story. When she accepted her award, Birkan said she was at the beginning of her career and was happy to be awarded.

The festival will run until Sept. 6.

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