4 women murdered in 1 day in Turkey, 169 so far this year

August 15, 2014, Friday/ 14:58:01/ TODAY'S ZAMAN | ISTANBUL

Four women were killed at the hands of their husbands and brothers on Thursday in three separate regions in Turkey: Ankara, Uşak, and Giresun. With these killings, the total number of women murdered in 2014 has reached 169.

In Ankara, an 81-year-old identified as Y.Z.Ö. killed his 55-year-old Azeri wife of eleven months, identified as D.Ö. Y.Z.Ö.'s previous wife had passed away and he married because of loneliness reports said. When they first married D.Ö. declined Y.Z.Ö.'s request for sexual intercourse. Again, on Thursday, Y.Z.Ö. made the same request, was once more refused and an argument ensued. The argument soon became a fight, at which point Y.Z.Ö. took out his shotgun and shot his wife, killing her in their home in the Pursaklar district of Ankara.  He was later reported to have said, “We were married 11 months ago. I insisted [sexual intercourse] several times but was rejected every time. Because of this, I felt humiliated and shot her with the rifle.

In the city of Uşak in the western Aegean Region police were called to a home in the Ataturk neighborhood due to a strong smell coming from the home. The murder occurred when a man identified as Cuma K. choked his partner, a woman of Kazak origin identified as Gülnar Maldakhanova, to death. The couple, who had been living together, were both under the influence of alcohol and the two began to argue, according to Cuma K. The argument then turned into a fight which led to Cuma K. choking Maldakhanova. It was only four days later that Cuma K. turned himself into police, allegedly due to his guilt. Reports say that he told the police that he had even tried to kill himself with a gun he carries but could not gather up the courage to continue with the suicide. It also became clear that he had been with the corpse of his former lover for four days, which he had covered in with several layers of bed covers.

Additionally, this case was not Cuma K.'s first homicide. It was reported that he was released from prison 14 months ago for killing someone who allegedly kidnapped his daughter.

Two sisters were killed at the hands of their brother in the northeastern region of Keşap of Giresun province on Thursday, according to reports. When 79-year-old Turgut Bakan went to go pick nuts with his two sisters, 74-year-old Netice Oral and 69-year-old Bahtışen Gürel, the family had a quarrel over property ownership. The argument led to Bakan taking out a gun and shooting his two sisters to death at the scene. An investigation has been launched as well as a search for Bakan, who fled the scene.

With these murders the total number of women that have so far been murdered in Turkey in 2014 has reached 169. Many women's organizations openly criticize the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) for the lack of protection provided for women against abusive men. An example of this would be the large protest that was organized by the We Will Stop the Murders of Women Platform that occurred on August 8 where women protesters chanted “Tayyip, Resign!,” “Thieves, Murderers, AKP!” as well as “We want real protection!”

Additionally, on August 12 even more controversy erupted against the AK Party's lack of protection for women when main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) deputy Aylin Nazlıaka's proposal for a bill in parliament calling for more shelters for women suffering from domestic violence took a controversial tone. Nazlıaka criticized the AK Party deputies sitting in the Grand Assembly calling out to them saying, "Look at the policies that you impose on the female body, and even on what women wear, what women eat, what color of lipstick they use, whether pregnant women can walk on the streets or not, whether the laughter of women stains their chastity and whether women and men should engage in folk dancing together or not, these have all become matters of discussion at this point. Even getting mixed-sex education has become a matter of debate. And you are responsible. You know how three of us are killed each day and you know there is a 40 percent increase in violence against women. Those who dictate to women how to act are the ones who encourage those murderers."


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